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GYROKINESIS® Essentials Part 1: A Journey of Spinal Motions towards Level 1

GYROKINESIS® Essentials Part 1:
A Journey of Spinal Motions towards Level 1

Conducted by Specialized Master Trainer, Alicia Head

This 3-day course is a dynamic and systematic approach to preparing the spine and nervous system for the full formats featured in GYROKINESIS® Level 1.

Three class formats are presented:

  • Program 1: Decompression of the lumbar spine

  • Program 2: Decompression of the thoracic spine

  • Program 3: Decompression of the cervical spine

Each format was developed for a 60-to-90 minute class and they can be presented either as a progression or independently. This course satisfies continuing education and update requirements for certified GYROKINESIS® instructors as well as GYROTONIC® instructors who are also certified in GYROKINESIS®.

These are new GYROKINESIS® formats and they explore three different aspects of spinal motions - lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. The classes still follow the basic sequencing -   Awakening of the Senses, Spinal Motions, and either standing or floor work - but the stimulation to the nervous system is more gentle and gradual. The class formats presented in the GYROKINESIS® Essentials course are    perfect for beginner level students and also for experienced people who enjoy deepening the work. This approach allows us to discover more about the internal process of elongating the spine and how to best prepare our bodies for energetic awakenings. The formats also work beautifully as a warm-up for private sessions or group classes and they increase understanding of the basic principles of the GYROTONIC® Method.

Course Fee: $350 | Studio Fee: $175

Dates: March 8th, 9th & 10th | Hours: TBD

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