All of The Movement Educators & Artists at Movement Center LA work with the healthy and the injured, children and seniors, runners and surfers, performing artists and athletes. Our method is to attune restorative or expansive movements to each individual body.

Our fantastic network of movement educators & artists each have their own diverse skills and talents with one mission in mind…to tailer each session to your level, desired focus and need.Through the body conditioning techniques we offer, Movement Center LA's team returns bodies to more youthful levels of flexibility, strength, and power.

We offer exclusive private personal training sessions in a historical beach bungalow building. A relaxing Santa Monica beachside studio with ample parking.

Private Sessions
We offer one-on-one sessions. We will create a personalized program to meet your specific needs, while at the same time relieving pain, and restoring and maintaining your body’s natural range of movement and motion.

Semi-Privates Sessions
Semi-privates offer a group environment with the individualized attention of one-on-one sessions.

Below is our standard average price rate, but please note that each movement educator/artist sets their own price for their professional service.

Standard Pricing Privates
Single Session | Standard $95

Standard Semi-Privates (rates per person)
Single Session | Standard $60

Intro Special for New Clients $240.00 (three privates)